Tuesday Update #5: Challenges & Castle Progress

Tuesday Update #5: Challenges & Castle Progress

First of all, I implemented a new challenge system at the start of last week.

The deal with challenges is that some actions in Kojou require time, e.g. repairing the generator takes time. Now, occasionally, this waiting time is interrupted by some kind of mini game that the player has to solve within a short amount of time. Depending on the action that is currently being executed, that challenge may be more or less difficult.  Failing the challenge delays or cancels the action, while solving it quickly may accelerate the progress.

I implemented such a feature because 1, it’s now less boring to wait for something to finish, you have to stay focused and 2, I want to enable routes of action that are very risky to take and require a skilled player. You may want to take this route, but you’ll have to have quick reflexes. Also, there are some actions in Kojou that puts up two players against each other – e.g. someone is blocking the door while someone else tries to hammer it open. It will depend on both of the players’ challenge solving skills how long the door will hold.

Currently, there are two implemented challenges that can either be very easy or very difficult. I like it so far!


In the second half of the week, I wanted to work on network stuff, finish some missing synchronisation. To be precise, I wanted the storages/chests to only be useable by one player a time. I finished that within a few minutes. In good spirits, I wanted to do the same for the doors…

And soon found out that it would not be possible. In case I haven’t mentioned it yet, the castle was being generated procedurally and randomly. I did that by passing a seed for the random generator to every client. Given a seed, a random generator will spit out the same random number sequence. That way, it was possible to generate the whole same castle locally for each client. Sadly, it didn’t occur to me that an object that uses network synchronisation needed to be spawned by the server. So I ended up redesigning the whole castle generator and that’s what I am still doing.

On a good side, the new setup creates more interesting rooms, so in the end, I consider it a positive change!

Also, Kojou now has a new door that imo really invites you to explore what’s inside:


On a last note, I really need to update the About section. I think rarely anyone gets what this game is about currently. 🙂

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  1. burningwipf says:

    Is there really a door or is it just black?

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