Tuesday Update #4: Doors&Fusebox

Tuesday Update #4: Doors&Fusebox

This week, I worked on Kojou’s energy system – a fuse box that is hidden somewhere in the castle.

Upon finding the fusebox, you’ll find it is in some way broken, but can be fixed by finding and applying various items. After it has been fixed, it can be turned on, which results in various lamps lighting up throughout Kojou’s main castle. Of course, it can also be turned off again if one of the players has an agenda better carried out in the dark.

Once you are used to the dark, only cut by the beam of your flash light (and lightning flashes), you really feel exposed and vulnerable when everything is lit up! ..at least that’s how I feel. 🙂 I will provide screenshots of lit-up parts once I have a fully decorated room to show off.


Secondly, I polished some of the visuals. It is still a bit early to do lots of polishing, but once in a while you need a break from code. One example is the background behind the windows, which is now a little brighter. It is now possible to see players or.. entities passing the window even when they have their flash light turned off. It also highlights the windows more. You’ll have to look closely on this one:


Thirdly, I worked on doors. That sounds rather trivial, but doors play an important role in Kojou! It is now possible to open and close doors. Closed doors need to be opened before they can be entered, obviously. Leaving doors open has some benefits: You can escape faster as opening takes time! But it will be easier to hunt and trace you down. 🙂 Also, you’ll see when a door opens into your room. Maybe use that second to hide and check what’s going to happen..?


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