Tuesday Update #3: Waiting & Poison

Tuesday Update #3: Waiting & Poison

This week was very productive in terms of feature expansion, although I only worked on it for the past few days. After quickly finishing network synchronisation of the current items I have, I decided to take a break and read up on some other game designer’s thoughts. It’s not a good idea to never let yourself be inspired by others. So I read Prof. Gunther Rehfeld’s book about game design and production. It covers a lot of aspects and is a good read mostly for beginners. For years, game design and balancing has been an issue in my social circle, so a lot of things weren’t new to me. Still, I did learn a few things here and there, especially about ‘feel’ and UI. I finished the book by friday and was ready and motivated to work on Kojou!


So, I decided to work on the ‘feel’ of the gameplay. I didn’t like how the player could open and search chests in milliseconds. So I added an action system that items or other objects an invoke, which delays and visualizes the progress of the action. Simply said: Opening a chest now takes time. Applying bandages now take time. Most of the things that require time IRL now require time IG.

The objective reason for this design decision is that the player should have to really decide if undertaking an action at this very moment is the reasonable thing to do. Previously, the dominant strategy was “search every chest”, only limited by the ability of the player to quickly press a button and rapidly track items visually on the screen. But is it really a good idea to be able to casually check chests as you pass them while being chased by unutterable horrors that want to take your life or more? No. Oh, and it also ‘feels’ better now, subjectively!


Next, I added a few lower tier healing items. The medikit felt too strong, and I wanted it to be a rather rare item. The lowest tier healing item that is now available are the “stained bandages”. Mhh. Well, but who expects to find clean bandages in a creepy castle?

I believe that doing something smart such as applying a stained bandage to your freshly acquired dagger wound should reward you. In this case, although that certain bandage does heal you, it has the chance to give you a nice infection that has various effects. I ended up developing a full player ailment/bonus system and thought of some nice surprises that spices up the journey through the castle. 🙂 The status you can see in the above screenshot is “Infection”. You can either find something that cures you or wait for your immune system to get rid of it. 😉 So.. it’s one of the nicer things.


Kojou should be a game in which you have to make smart decisions in order to save your life or at least the life of your friends. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice things, sometimes you have to take a chance.  This week, I added a lot of things that outlines this vision even more, so I am quite satisfied.

So what’s up for this week? The castle is going to expand!

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