Tuesday Update #1: Animations etc!

Tuesday Update #1: Animations etc!

So the past five days were very frustra interesting –  I learnt a lot of new techniques, which will probably be very useful in the future. As announced, I made some animations. I was warned that making humanoid animation is a challenging task, as the movement might easily look “uncanny”. I still gave it a go and indeed, it was quite a challenge! I had to redo several things multiple times due to small mistakes in the making process. For example, I was not able to flip the character properly after the first try. The reason had to do with relative positioning. I don’t want to go to deep into detail, but Unity’s animation system does not exactly behave gracefully when you reorder stuff in the game object hierarchy. But the first iteration is done, and although it will certainly need some polishment here and there, I am quite proud with the results! I mean, the flashlight is  slightly swinging back and forth…! Also, I added a crouch option. You will not be able to move while crouching, but there will be some places where crouching will make you almost invisible. Here are some of the new animations.

Apart from a much more precise collision detection, the new animation system is much more flexible! It makes use of a state machine that determines the correct animation based on some constraints. It’s fairly easy to use and looks state-machiny&tidy like this:


Of course, when I got tired of animation, there was time for some other things: an armor system + armor items that will give you a small edge against what the castle has to offer. Again, not spoilering too much. 🙂 Also, the previously texty inventory was replaced by a graphic inventory.

My map tile creator designosaur will soon finish the new stair case map tile graphics. Then, players will finally be able to exit the entry hall! From what I’ve seen so far, it will look awesome.

As in what’s next for me, I will further polish the animations, and then continue to implement networking logic. Stay tuned!

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  1. MK says:

    So satisfying to see a game develop step by step from scratch!

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