Wrapping up 2019

Wrapping up 2019

It is time for yet another wrap-up post! Last year, I was confident that we could go into early access.. well, last year. But GameDev is a multifaceted endeavour with many surprises. And we discovered a lot of things that needed improvement. The most major of them is the introduction of mouse support. Previously, you could only move with the keyboard, which also meant that objects needed to be in some distance to each other, so that you didn’t accidently use the wrong one. Now you pick up and interact using your mouse, which is a way better experience. You can also move your flashlight with the mouse!

What else happened? Here are some highlights of the last year:

  • We now use Mirror as a network engine. Thanks to the Mirror devs for this amazing network library!
  • A new, polished player HUD
  • More rooms
  • More polish
  • Players can now sneak
  • Rooms now offer quests
  • Quest Helper
  • Player Map
  • Many more items.
  • New killer features: Night vision, the ability to “see” sound through doors, traps, helper items
  • Footsteps!
  • Players can now phone the police instead of having an in-game time phase where they can vote
  • More refactorings and bug fixes than you could count
  • Full Steam integration and now the Killer is always host, which solves the issue of disconnecting players (with the killer gone, the match is lost anyway)
  • Four more playable shilouettes!

So, what is planned for this year? I do realise I said it last year, but we really aim to release this year and see what players think of it. For that, I’d like to focus on working on marketing and produce some footage, polish the Steam page and so on. I’m currently working on bots so you can try the game without having to enter multiplayer games. We are also reworking the level design for a more lively and atmospheric castle experience. That will come with some improvements to the player map that allows you to share info with other players. But, the number of opportunities for surprises to pop up is slowly decreasing!

Happy new year 2020!

PS: Here’s the obligatory burndown chart:

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