Wrapping up 2018

Wrapping up 2018

It is time for another yearly wrap-up blog post! Information flow has been a bit meh, but a lot was done in 2018. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Security Improvements: Important gameplay is now handed server-sided (should have been done like this from the start, I admit it)
  • Traps: Bear Trap, Deadweight Trap, …
  • Some cool items (Molotovs, backpacks, …)
  • Lots of UI improvements
  • Menu completely redone
  • Network Bootstrap completely redone (significantly more robust now)
  • Items can now be inspected, revealing info about what they might be good for
  • Switched Text Rendering to Text Mesh Pro
  • Task System plus some Quests&Tasks
  • Voting Phase, in which players can vote for a suspect. If they guess correctly, the police is informed and you have to survive for less time
  • More room types: Dressing rooms, nicer bedrooms, a gallery…
  • Players can now peek through door key holes
  • A map feature! Explore the castle and build up your map so that you don’t get lost later on.
  • NAT Punchthrough (host a public server without port forwarding)
  • Propagating Audio System: I wrote a 2D audio system which enables filtered sound propagating. Non-nerd explanation: You can now hear noise-damped sounds through doors. Maybe don’t enter that door. Check it out here: https://github.com/Chykary/Unity-Propagating-Audio
  • New website layout!

So, what are the next steps? We are currently fixing some bugs, then we’ll do an internal test run, which will set the goal and directions for 2019. The plan is to get Kojou out to early access in 2019, and I’m confident we’ll make it.

Updated burndown chart.

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