Wrapping up 2017

Wrapping up 2017

It has been some months since I last wrote an update. They were supposed to be regularily written but I didn’t get the interaction I hoped for, so I decided to put my focus on the actual implementation. It’s not that easy to find a balance between keeping an audience up to date and making actual progress. But when in doubt, I think making actual progress has a higher priority. After all, getting people’s interest is easier the more you already have. Luckily I do make somewhat reasonable GIT commit messages, so I can trace what has happened since the last update:

  • Lots of code improvements. Especially in the networking areas, those have helped a lot to ease further development.
  • Lots of details to breathe some life into the world.
  • Draft ending scene with summaries of your actions in the castle.
  • All item sprites updated with 3D renderings done by acid.
  • Four more traps.
  • About ~15 or so more items.
  • Complete visual main menu overhaul.
  • An ingame server browser with a self-written backend (.Net Core and NancyFX, very cool)
  • An ingame menu that shows player latency, player log and allows ingame reconfiguration of controls.
  • Some electrical puzzles and obstacles that can be solved. (This is very vague, but I don’t want to spoiler 😀 )
  • Added a “stained” class of items that can cause an infection state, but the items can be cleaned using various means.
  • Implemented a NetworkAudioSource ( https://github.com/Chykary/Unity-Network-Audio-Source )
  • A loading screen, artwork done by DiChrome.
  • Added ingame chat.
  • Implemented an infrastructure for easy localisation.
  • Added a block/break door feature. Players can now block doors and other players can try to break through from the other side, by entering a sync’ed battle of challenges!
  • Broken doors can then be repaired
  • Explosive items refactored, they now trigger each other, so take care handling explosives!
  • Password feature for lobbies
  • Some basic infrastructure for Steam integration
  • Added a way to escape the castle 😉
  • Player UI completely overhauled. Same for storage menu and action menu!
  • Map design. A first castle has been built for the test run that will soon take place.

So as you can see, a lot has happened. I’m currently making last preparations for a test run with friends that will hopefully give me some directions for 2018. It’s exciting how far Kojou has come, especially with the help of two people who are working with me on it now! It really feels like Kojou is able to become a really cool, enjoyable and not-so-shallow multiplayer game. After the test run, I will add more screenshots to the Media section of this website! Also, this website shall be redesigned next year. 😀

A cool and exciting new year 2018 to you all!


Global burndown chart: All is going according to plan! (or even better than that)


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  1. PixlDemon says:

    Wow! Very nice! Im really looking forward to playing the game!?

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