Update #10 – Just an update

Update #10 – Just an update

It’s been a while since the last update! However, that doesn’t mean that Kojou development has stalled. It’s just that I had to rework the network design and make some general network additions and improvements. Kojou is using Unity’s network engine UNET which is.. well.. a little unpredictable, even more so if you are using a Unity beta which crashes every hour or so. But I need those C# 6 features only available in the beta as of now!

So anyway, working on something infrastructural means there is not a lot to write about or show. Also, the networking issues have not been resolved completely. I expect issues to pop up here and there throughout the complete development cycle. That’s just how it is.

I also have some good news though. There has been a drastic increase of overall dev speed because skilled people are lending me their strength and supporting me in various tasks that were slowing me down simply because I am not so skilled in some areas. I can now focus on the things I am good at.

So what is being worked on currently:

  • The castle architecture is being designed by an actual architect! We have already added some new room types, and more are coming. 🙂
  • New animations are on their way!
  • A skilled 3D modeler I have met on the GDN game dev network ( http://gamedevnetwork.org/ ) is helping me out with 3D models (more streamlined items! I love his renderings)
  • The overall castle complexity. This is a little bit abstract, but for an exploration game, it’s a must there is a lot to discover. Thus, I am working on some intertwining game mechanics.
  • The plot you can unveil during your stay in Kojou castle.
  • A loading screen (Kudos to https://twitter.com/DichromeDuo )
  • Players can sprint now
  • Various other meta stuff that, when finished, should further ease contribution to Kojou


There are also new items that can be found. Below is not a photo but a 3D rendering, featuring devices that allow you to inject fluids of unknown origin into your blood stream, a completely natural thing to do when you are locked in a castle.


Poison and chemicals play a key role in Kojou.


I have also recently become a moderator in the game dev community GDN. I’ve only been there for a few months but I have already met a lot of like-minded people, and seen stuff that not only drives my own creativity, but also makes me realise that there are a lot of skilled people out there working on awesome projects. I’ll make sure Kojou will not fall behind. 🙂


Also, I realise the media section of this website is somewhat neglected. But the day will come and I will overhaul this site, I promise!

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