Tuesday Update #8: Traps & Death

Tuesday Update #8: Traps & Death

I was away on a business trip last week and additionally caught a cold, so my productivity was limited.

Just kidding – I implemented network features for most of the elements that exist within the game and added three traps!

Prepare to get your hide burnt!


I actually wanted to prepare a trailer (with sounds, they really add to the atmosphere as I’ve previously mentioned), but decided not to and instead opted for a trailer release after every milestones is completed. Fyi, the current milestone is Alpha-0, which is targeted for May 01. Currently, it is looking okayish with progress. If there’s a delay, it should not be significant.


Currently I am working on player death. I figured the castle poses less of a threat if the player is invincible. This feature is progressing good. As is everything else. I really can’t complain.


The burndown chart. As you can see, it’s on-trackish!


I recently, however, got a little unsatisfied with the animations. Of course, that’s polishing, and polishing is a thing to worry about at a later stage of development. But just so that you know – it’s on my radar, too. 🙂



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