Tuesday Update #7: Sounds, Traps and Tables

Tuesday Update #7: Sounds, Traps and Tables

For today, I actually wanted to post a short gameplay video because some things look just more awesome in movement (and with audio)! But I wanted to complete some tasks before that so it will probably happen next week.


Kojou now has some more stuff lying around that can be used as a more or less safe hiding spot in case you are in need of hiding, e.g. tables with more or less shielding table clothes. Useful in cases such as when all your friends want to kill you. Or something.

Also, a breath of life has reached Kojou as I recorded some dozens of sounds and bought some others I could not satisfactorily produce. It really makes a difference if you can hear stuff happening!

This, of course, is also not well expressed by a screenshot. And sounds do take a while and unless you do a video, there’s not much to show. But I can at least say that Kojou is progressing towards the Alpha-0 milestone steadily! While there is still a lot to do, I’m doing my best to reach this point quickly. I will be able to host a first session with friends and observe their reactions. From then on, a feedback cycle starts and I’ll be able to make some gameplay experiments.


Thirdly, I’ve implemented a few of the traps that are planned for Alpha-0. It’s actually nice to have to watch  your step a little, and not being able to carelessly rush through the castle. Not going to spoiler too much here. But it really sucks when the ground you are walking on decides to swallow you. ;3


I wish this was a moving picture.. this is a trap door. Can you guys even see what’s on these screenshots? I’m being told they are completely black on some monitors. >.<


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