Tuesday Update #6: Decoration

Tuesday Update #6: Decoration

Did anyone say that building a castle was easy?

Well, it’s not. The past week was spent setting up the castle layout, and also finding some nice decorative(?) stuff! This process is not finished. The castle is getting livelier and livelier though.

In the first iteration, the castle was somewhat linear. I was not satisfied with that approach. Having to rewrite the castle generator, it was a good chance to improve some things here and there. It is now possible to reach some areas through multiple paths.

So sadly, there is not much to show and not much to write about. But there are some cool things in the pipeline that I’m going to present next week.


Additionally, I should mention that I got a job! People have asked if that is the end for Kojou. Well – of course not! It’s actually an opportunity to improve my coding skills as well as ensure financing (for Kojou ;)).

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