2D Multiplayer Game. Hide. Escape. Betray. Kill.


Find your real friends and work together
to improve your chance of surviving the night.


Explore the secrets and the history of Kojou Castle, which layout changes every round.


Dispose of your “friends” in the night, or let the traps you set up during the day do the job.


Kojou is an upcoming 2D game. The game does have one or two features already, though.


Kojou is a multiplayer game. You and your friends are staying in Kojou Castle during a town event. However, one of you wants to kill the rest…


Kojou has semi-procedural castle layouts. Making everything random leads to odd levels, so Kojou Castle combines designed elements with procedural generation.


Kojou has a day and a night phase. Fix the castle and find out who the killer is during the day. If you can’t find the killer when the night falls, be prepared to run…


Improve your chances of survival and cram your inventory. Currently, Kojou features more than 50 different more or less useful items that will help you… more or less.


As the killer, there are several trap types at your disposal to finish your desperate, fleeing “friends” in the most indirect, relentless, cruel way!


The vigilant player survives the longest. In the darkness, your vision may not be enough. Listen to the environmental sound that travel through the castle and figure out what is going on.

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